Apart from the regular classes, innovative workshops are organized by Swapnokalpa from time to time. The following are only a few of them :

  • Odissi dance workshops have been conducted by Swapnokalpa in London and Manachester, UK and in Montpellier and Paris, France. 
  • Workshops on Indian Culture and Heritage and Indian Dances is regularly conducted by Swapnokalpa at various schools in London and its surrounding areas like Peterborough Primary School, Melcombe Primary School, Bayonne Nursery School.
  • Odissi dance workshops are regularly conducted at the Swapnokalpa Dance School in Kolkata by Guru Poushali Mukherjee & Swapnokalpa.

Besides Odissi students, students of other classical dance forms are also welcome for appraisal.

Contact Swapnokalpa for more details:

Schools interested in Swapnokalpa's workshops on Indian Culture and Heritage and Indian Dances and Odissi students and other institutes interested in Odissi workshops should contact her at 


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